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A guide for new members – and a reminder for others.

The mainspring of our Club is lunchtimes between Monday and Friday, starting around 1.00pm in the Grundy Room, the members’ bar. Most members will have adjourned for lunch in the Halliday Room, the members’ dining room, by about one thirty. Lunch finishes when it does! On occasions, members may be asked to vacate the club at around 4.30 whenever we host early evening functions. Your co-operation in this regard is important – thank you!

Drinks and table wines are usually ordered individually and generally ‘shared’ across the table. Please be generous and pay your way, Gentlemen! Your bill will appear on your monthly account, unless of course you pay on leaving.

Members who prefer not to ‘get into a round’ may declare the ‘one o’clock’ rule and buy drinks for themselves only.

Members and guests should address each other by their preferred name (do not apologise for not remembering others’ names – merely ask again!)

Members should fill places at one table at a time if appropriate. If you wish to sit privately, please advise our staff and a table can be set to accommodate you and your guests and your privacy will be respected.

Mobile phones are not allowed in any of the club rooms unless you wish to use in ‘vibrate mode’ only. Any such calls MUST be taken outside of the members’ areas. Any breach will result in a sanction of a bottle of wine on each table.

Members and Guests must not proceed beyond the Manager’s desk wearing coats, hats or scarves. In addition, Members or Guests must NOT enter the dining room without a jacket. Permission from the President, or most senior Past President or Officer of the Club, for permission to remove jackets in warm conditions is necessary. The previously mentioned sanction will apply if not observed.

Members must always sign in guests in the Visitors Book at the Reception desk. Guests are not normally allowed to be signed in by a member more than four times per year, or as per the specific conditions under Rule 10.

Specific events or themed lunches are usually publicised in our Club Diary of Events, as well as the club website (, and indeed the regular Members’ bulletins from our Chair of Marketing and Events. This includes the monthly Golfers lunches on the second Tuesday of every alternate month, in addition to our ‘Last Friday in the Month’ lunches.

Mixed Ladies Arts Lunches are regularly held through the year and publicised as above primarily to launch new art exhibitions curated by our Chairman of Arts.

The Club dress code is clear. Members and Guests should attend at all times dressed in a manner which does not offend the club traditions and other members. Guests should always be advised of the dress code before attending to prevent possible embarrassment to themselves or others. In general, this should mean the wearing of a suit or jacket, conventional shirt tucked in, and appropriate trousers – and definitely NOT denim jeans, or trainer/sneakers etc. On formal occasions, such as the Civic Lunch or when the club event might be ‘en fete’, dress code is most certainly lounge suit or dinner jacket and both members and guests will be required to comply with this requirement. The wearing of a tie on normal lunchtimes is optional but please respect the occasion in question.

Enjoy your Club!
Alan J Markham

Acting Honorary Secretary 
February 2024

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